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The Mystery of Number Eleven



This is a curious e-mail a friend´s of mine received:

isn’t it incredible? . Is It a coincidence?

1) “ New York City” has got eleven letters

2) “ Afghanistan” has got eleven letters

3) “ Ramsin Yuseb” (the terrorist that threatened with destroying the World Trade Center in 1993) has got eleven letters

4) “George W. Bush” has got eleven letters.

This can be a coincidence, but now comes the most interesting:


5) New York is the state number eleven

6) The first flight that crashed against the Twin Towers was the number eleven

7) In the flight number eleven there were ninety-two passengers on board: 9+2=11

8) The flight number seventy-seven crashed with the Trade World Center too, there were sixty-five passengers on board: 6+5=11

9) The tragedy happened on the eleventh of September or better 9/11: 9+1+1=11

10) The day is the same as the emergencies phone number in the USA (911) 9+1+1=11

Coincidence ? Continue reading and tell me then

11) The total number of victims in the planes were two hundred fifty-four : 2+5+4=11

12) The explosions in Madrid were on the day 3/11/2004 3+1+1+2+4=11

13) The tragedy of Madrid took place nine hundred eleven days after the incident of the Trade World Center 9+1+1=11


Now open the Microsoft Word and do this:

  1. Write in capital letter Q33 NY this is the first flight number that crashed with the Trade World Center
  2. Shade the Q33 NY
  3. Change the size to 48
  4. Change the letter to WINGDINGS and


What do you think?…


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  1. En algunas cosas los números están mal…
    Deberías revisar los datos nuevamente y buscar en más de una fuente.

    This information is in error, you should seek more information about this…

  2. Everything is very open with a very clear clarification of
    the issues. It was truly informative. Your site is very helpful.
    Thank you for sharing!


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