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by Iván García Luiz 3ºE.S.O-A

He was born on 20th /3/1984/ Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain.

He is a Spanish football player who played in the Atlético de Madrid team since he was 11 years old.

His debut in the Atlético de Madrid

His first trainer was Manolo Rangel, from the children to the cadet categories. In this last category his new trainer was Pedro Calvo. Fernando won his first important titles in this category: his team won the Nike-Cup, the National competition and the European competition.

When he was fifteen years old he signed his first contract with the Atlétic.

When he was only seventeen years old he won the sub-sixteen European competition. In 2001 he was summoned for the first team, this year they didn’t go up to first division. In 2002 he debuted in the first team from the beginning of the season. They won the ascent to the honour division.

2002- He debuted in the first team and he scored thirteen goals

2003-He debuted in the sub twenty-one division (one step more towards the absolute selection)

2004-He fulfilled his dream of debuting in the absolute selection, he scored 20 goals in the Spanish league.

The Liverpool (the arrival of the English football and the debut in the Champions league)

In 2007 he decided to fly away to the Liverpool leaving behind twelve years in the Atletic.

One day Rafa Benitez, the Liverpool’s manager, called Fernando for the transfer, meanwhile he said goodbye to Atlétic Club and devoted himself to his new club. He debuted in the Liverpool with other Spanish players: Pepe Reina as goalkeeper and Xabi Alonso as midfielder .



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