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Last month I surveyed 20 teenagers aged between 12 and 17 years old about their music preferences. Here are the results:

1 What’s your favourite kind of music?

Boys: Pop, Rap, Rock and Rumba. Girls: Pop.

2 What are your three favourite bands or singers?

Boys Girls

1 Estopa 1 Tokio Hotel

2 Melendi 2 El canto del loco

3 El canto del loco 3 Fondo flamenco

3 And your favourite song?

B: Vientos de tormenta (Estopa).

G: Please don’t stop the music (Rihanna).

4 What’s your favourite way of listening to music?

B: MP3 and MP4. G: Computer.

5 Do your parents like the same music as you?

B & G: No, they don’t.

6 Are you allowed to play your music out loud or do your parents prefer you to have headphones?

B & G: Some parents are liberal and some insist on headphones, but most don’t mind if the music is played out loud.

Music preferences amongst boys and girls are not as different as we think; but parents don’t appreciate the same music as we do. We love new technologies. MP3, MP4 and computers are very important ways of listening to music. Parents are not very worried about the music played out loud.

Music preferences in the UK are not the same. They like bands like Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, My Chemical Romance and singers like Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash. In America, Avril Lavigne, the Jonas Brothers, Mailey Cyrus (Hannah Montana) and My Chemical Romance are very famous.

Nowadays, music is very widespread amongst teens (teenagers). It’s a very important way of expressing oneself and it’s our definition. Our music style is our trade mark.


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