Camarón of the island

26 octubre 2008 en 19:06 | Publicado en English | Deja un comentario

BY J. Antonio Heredia Ruíz.  4ºESO-B

José Monge Cruz (San Fernando, Cádiz, 5th December 1950 – Badalona , 2nd July 1992) popularly known as ‘Camarón of the island’ or ‘Camaron’ (little shrimp) as people born in San Fernando are called. He was an Andalusian flamenco singer. He also was a revolutionary of flamenco, and nowadays he’s considered as one of the best flamenco singers of the history by the professional critics .


Son of Juana Cruz de Cristiano and Juan Luis Monge Núñez. He was the second of eight brothers. When he was a child he studied at ”Las Carmelitas” school.In 1962, being 12 years old, he won the first prize of Flamenco Festival in Montilla(Cordoba).


Camaron met Paco de Lucía, the famous guitarrist. In 1968 Camaron became member of the Torres Bermejas flamenco group, in Madrid, where he remained for 12 years in the company of Paco Cepero, another popular guitarrist .His name began to be well known and he worked in the film ‘Casa Flora’. They recorded 9 records between 1969 and 1977.


In 1976 he married to Dolores Montoya,”La Chispa” (the spark).The wedding was in the village of La Linea de la Concepción. They had four children.


Camaron died in 1992 , because of a terrible disease and the effects of drugs. He was too young to die, but his wonderful songs will be never forgotten.

Video by Julio Armando


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