Two short stories. Juan Avilés (4º ESO-A)

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Who is worse: the liar or the person who doesn’t believe the truth? Enjoy these short stories and answer the question by yourself.


  1. The liar


-My bag! Someone’s stolen my little flowery bag! Help, help!

-What’s the matter Jane?

-My bag is not here. I left my bag lying on the table and now it has disappeared!

-Take it easy Jane. Maybe you took it and you left it on another table.

-No, Tom. I’m sure I left it on my desk. My wallet was inside and there was five hundred pounds in it.

-But nobody knew you had that amount of money in your bag.

-I know, but everybody knows that I’m supposed to be paying my rent this evening.

-As far as I’m aware only Margaret , Sarah and I know that. We are your friends. We would never…

-Steal my money. I know, but there aren’t any suspects. I’m going to call the police.

-You don’t think I stole your money, do you?

-I don’t know what to think. First I’ll ask Margaret and Sarah. See you later, Tom.


-Hello, Jane. How are things?

-Not good. Someone’s stolen my bag.

-The flowery one? You had your money for rent inside!

-True. Er..Have you heard or seen anything weird about Tom?

-He seemed nervous in the morning. He was sweating a lot . I asked him about his girlfriend and he didn’t answer.

-And anything weird about Sarah?

-She suddenly left her office and ran downstairs. She said nothing before.

-And you? What were you doing this morning?

-I was typing some documents while Mary was smoking a cigarette in my face. It was so obnoxious! I was about to lose my cool.

-Thank you, Margaret.


girl-3-Hi, Sarah! What’s going on?

-Tom told me you had lost your money for rent. I’m very sorry.

-Can I help you?

-I just want to know what you were doing this morning.

-I received a telephone call from my auntie. She’s sick.

-And did you run downstairs when you received that telephone call?

-No, I didn’t. I waited until our break time to go to the hospital.

-Margaret says that you ran downstairs all of a sudden.

-That’s a lie!

-Okay, what do you know about Tom? Did you notice anything weird?

-No, I didn’t. He was as normal as usual. Did she tell you anything about him?

-She says that he seemed very nervous.

-Another lie!

-I’m not sure that she’s lying nor that you’re telling me the truth.


-Tom, I don’t know who is the liar, I don’t even know if any of you have stolen my bag.

-The only one thing I can tell you is that Margaret owes a lot of money. Know what? Last Monday Margaret phoned a banker. I heard something about selling her house. The following day she was very sad and now she’s living at her mother’s house.

-So…Do you really think that she is the liar?

-Ask her again and if it’s so, please, forgive her.


-Margaret…Now I know that you stole my money and why you did it. girl-11

What makes me angry the most are your lies. If you give my bag back I’ll forgive you.

-I’m so sorry…It was an accident.

-It wasn’t an accident. Accidents are not premeditated.

-Here you are, and thank you for being my friend. Bye.

-Noooo! Margaret…


-Sarah! Magaret has killed herself!


-She admitted having stolen my money and she gave my bag back but she didn’t have to kill herself.

-Don’t take it to heart. Anyway she should have been able to face her problems. You are not guilty.

2-The person who doesn’t believe the truth

boy-Mum has told me to get my room cleaned.

-I don’t care. Don’t give me any hassle. I’m listening to music.

-She told you to help me.

-Aren’t you able to do it yourself? I’m fed up with cleaning your room.

-But mum said…

-Shut up! I don’t care what she said. Now clean your room once and for all.


-Hey, Danny! Have you finished cleaning your room?

-Yes, I have. And you haven’t helped me.

-Never mind. Are you going to tell her?

-No, I don’t want you to be punished though you didn’t help me.

-After all you’re a good boy. But I’m not a good girl. Is this mum’s favourite vase? Oops! You’ve broken it. You’re a bad boy. I’m going to tell mum.

-That’s not fair! Oh, no! Mum will get angry with me.


-Mum, Danny’s broken your vase. But it’s been an accident.

-What! Has he broken my red vase?

-Well, he was playing football along the corridor when I heard a noise. I stopped studying and went out of my room, next I saw it on the floor. It was in pieces.



-Liza has told me you’ve just broken my red vase.

-That’s a lie! She broke it for you to punish me!

-What do you mean, I broke it? That doesn’t make sense. I was studying.

-No, you weren’t studying. You were listening to music. Then you came in my room and…

-Stop it! Danny, go upstairs, to your room!


-Why were you playing football along the corridor?Brinkley Divorce

-I wasn’t playing football. I was cleaning my room.

-That’s not what your sister says.

-She’s lying. She didn’t help me, instead of helping me she was listening to music.

-Sorry, Danny but I don’t think she’s lying.

-Believe me, please.

-Okay, but I need to check something. I’m going to set a trap for Liza.


-Liza, did you help your brother to clean his room?

-Yes, of course mum.

-I think it’s strange. His socks are not as usual, they’re still on the floor. Also you’ve messed his desk up.

-Oh, I must have forgotten about it.

-I don’t think you forgot it. You’d never forget about something you do every day. I’d rather say that you didn’t help him. Am I wrong?

-Well, it’s true. I didn’t help him. Anyway that doesn’t mean…

-Doesn’t mean what? Maybe it doesn’t mean you dropped my vase, does it?

-No! I haven’t dropped any vase.

-Neither did your brother. So the vase fell down itself.

-Mum, I saw how Danny hit it. I’m not able to accuse my brother breaking the vase if it’s a lie.


-I can’t believe she’s lying so Danny must be lying. He will be punished.


-Don’t leave this room unless I order you to do it. Danny you’ve lied to me and you have accused your sister. (Danny stays at his bedroom. He looks very angry. A few hours later his mum comes in his bedroom very nervous).

-Where’s your ball?

-I lost it last Tuesday. I was playing football outside when my friend Josh kicked it and hit an old man. The old man got very angry and punctured it. Now I have no ball.

-Then you couldn’t have hit my vase so Liza is the liar.

-Yes, mum she broke your vase.


nasty-girl1-Liza, your brother is punished. Don’t talk to him.

-All right. How long will  he be punished ?

-I don’t know. Maybe you can help me to decide.

-Me? Why?

-Because you know far more about what happened than me.

-You know that you shouldn’t have dropped that vase and still worse, you know that you shouldn’t have accused him hitting my vase.

-I’m sorry.

-I didn’t realise you were capable of doing those kinds of things.


The liar and the person who doesn’t believe the truth can hurt the same sometimes. The lie is always uncovered so we are foolish if we tell lies. I think we should be truthful so that people trust in us. Truth and confidence are very positive.













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