IES Alhadra. The Bilingual Class (1º E.S.O.)

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Hello! This is the Bilingual Group at IES Alhadra, Almería, Spain.We are in 1º ESO level. We want you to know about us! This is our first classroom project.  Take a look, please!

*Blue Team


Hi! I’m Andy.I’m in class 7c.

Sukayna plays basketball in the afternoon.

Diana likes hip-hop.

And she likes chats too.

Mari sings hip-hop every day.

Her favourite singer is Jeydon Wale.

We are the blue team.

We’re twelve years old.

It´s so break to stay in this class.

Our best moments are there.

I’m Andy Petrova and this is my team: Sukayna, Diana and Mari Luz.

*Orange Team

Hello! This is the Orange Team.

We are Jose Luis, Adrian, Carla, and Lorenzo.

We are twelve years old but Adrian is eleven years old.

Adrian has three brothers and one sister, Carla has no brothers or sisters, Lorenzo has one brother and one sister, and Jose Luis has one brother.

Carla likes swimming , Adrian likes drawing , both Lorenzo and Jose Luis  like football.

Adrian likes Spanish.

Carla likes Maths.

Lorenzo likes Physical education.

Jose Luis likes Natural Science.

*Red Team

Hello! This is the red Team

we are Mahmud, Yassine, Abrahán and Ahmed.

We are twelve years old.

Mahmud has two brothers.

Abraham has two brothers.

Yassin has four sisters.

Ahmed has one sister.

We all like playing football.

We all like P.E and Maths as well.

See you soon!

*Green Team

Hi! This is the Green Team.We are Qiang Hao,Miguel Ángel,César and David.

We are twelve years old. Qiang Hao has one sister and one brother. Miguel Ángel is thirteen years old. He has two sisters. César is twelve years old. He has one sister. David is twelve years old. He has one sister.

Qiang Hao is from China and he likes playing table tennis. Miguel Angel likes playing with Playstation 2. César likes playing football. David likes technology.

Now you know about us and can be our friends! See you soon!

Bye, bye!


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