Our favourite food!

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Well, it`s time we speak about especial dishes and healthy food. This article is the result of a class project made by students of 1º ESO, bilingual group. Enjoy your meal !!



Mahmud, Yassin, Fethe, Abraham and Ahmed have breakfast at half past seven.

Mahmud and Fethe usually eat biscuits and drink milk.

Yassin usually eats toast and drinks orange juice.

Ahmed usually eats one apple and drinks banana juice.

Abraham usually eats cake and drinks chocolate milkshake.


Mahmud, Fethe, Ahmed, Abraham and Yassin leave school at quarter to three and have

lunch at ten past three.

Mahmud, Fethe, Ahmed and Yassin eat cous- cous every Friday .

Abraham doesn´t like cous cous and he eats spaghetti and drinks coke.


Abraham has dinner at ten o´clock and eats a portion of rice.

Ahmed has dinner at half past ten and eats yogourt and one apple.

Fethe has dinner at eleven o´clock and eats a portion of croquettes.

Yassin has dinner at half past nine and eats a banana and an orange.

Mahmud has dinner at half past ten and eats one apple and some strawberries.


Adrian, at 7 o’clock in the morning has a glass of milk and toasts. He likes to lentil thick soup for lunch, and has a night kebak for dinner.

Mariluz, has a chocolate milkshake for breakfast, she eats spaghetti for lunch and has macaroni for dinner.

Nabila has toasts for breakfast, she likes spaghetti for lunch. And she eats chicken for dinner.

Cesar has cereals and milk for breakfast, he likes macaroni for lunch and prefers fried chicken for dinner.



Jose Luis has breakfast at seven o’clock.

He has toast and chocolate milkshake.

Miguel Angel has breakfast at seven o’clock.

He has has toasts and milk.

Jose Manuel has breakfast at seven o’clock.

He has breakfast at school, a sandwich.

Jose Miguel has breakfast at half past seven.

He has just milk for beakfast


Jose Luis eats spaguetti and drinks water.

Miguel Angel eats macarroni.

Jose Miguel drinks water.

Miguel Angel eats patotes and drinks water.

Jose Manuel eats pasta and drinks water.


Jose Luis has boiled potatoes.

Miguel Angel has pasta.

Jose Manuel has beef.

Jose Miguel has an omelet.



Qiang Hao likes chocolate milk and he doesn’t like cereal.

Oscar likes cereal with milk

Miguel Ángel likes milk and toasts

Juan Andrés likes milk ans cookies

Leo likes milk ans cookies


Qiang Hao likes lunch rice.

Oscar likes paella but he doesn’t like chicken.

Leo likes spaghetti but he doesn’t like macaroni.

Miguel Ángel likes macaroni.

Juan Andrés likes chicken.


Qiang Hao likes rice and drinks water.

Oscar likes steak with potatoes and drinks lemonade.

Juan Andrés likes an omellet sandwich and drinks coke.

Leo likes pizza and drinks orange juice.

Miguel Ángel likes a hamburguer and drinks coke



Fatima has lemon juice and a cake

Oumaima eats sandwiches


Fatima eats pizza, drinks lemonade and grape juice

Oumaima eats pizza , drinks lemonade and she eats a banana.


Fatima has chicken, bread and drinks lemonade

Oumaima has chicken and bread

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