Our English Short Stories

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Mario whose parents prepared a party for his tenth birthday. Being the youngest of the house, her mother prepared a lot of things. Once preparations had finished, relatives and Mario’s friends arrived. Everyone was very impressed with the party. At the beggining, Mario was distracted looking through the window, and saw a child playing alone in the street. Mario didn’t know the boy and went out of his house to invite him to his birthday party. The boy , called Samuel, accepted Mario’s invitation. Mario has never seen him before. They were playing together during the party. After the party, everyone went to their homes, while Mario was looking for his new friend Samuel. Mario didn’t find him. His friend had gone home without saying goodbye. Since that party Mario never saw him again. After ten years, the two men met again. Mario recognized his friend, because the day of the party Samuel gave him an amulet. Then they became friends forever.

Aziza Saddiki & Raúl Sánchez, 4º ESO-B




A happy rabbit family lived in the forest. One day a hungry wolf appeared, the rabbits saw the wolf and they began to run, except one, who was very small.

As it was alone, the wolf ate it.

On another day the wolf returned and the rabbits met and decided to catch him.

The rabbits made a trap and chased the wolf with sticks, stones, etc and when the wolf saw the rabbits, he was frightened. He ran towards the trap, a hole on the ground, and fell in it.

The rabbit put the wolf in a cage and left it there until he died, and finally the rabbits lived happily ever after.

Mohammed Raouane, Abdelhadi Serbout & Nabil Zeroualy. 4º ESO-B



Once upon a time,there was a girl called Lucia who was fantastic, she loved imagining strange things, but she also was quite lazy. She slept siesta every afternoon, but on one occasion it was so different. She fell asleep and dreamt she had planted a small pot in the garden of her house. Days passed on, and the plant began to grow and grow very fast, so it was not a normal plant. Lucia was worried, especially when she saw the plant had very sharp teeth. It was a carnivorous plant! The plant tried to eat Lucia as meat was its favourite food. The girl ran away and didn’t want to have this plant in her garden. So she called his friend Floruga, who was a giant caterpillar, and would help her destroy the plant. Floruga arrived and, after a few blows with its body, defeated the plant. Lucia woke up very surprised from her dream. She wished to keep on dreaming about strange things again and again!

Noemí Soriano & Marina Segura, 4ºESO-B


The Cicada And The Ant


In a forest of the Amazon rainforest the cicada was happy enjoying the summer: The sun was shining, the flowers gave off their scent … and the cicada sang and sang. Meanwhile, his friend and neighbour, a small ant, spent the whole day working, collecting food.
– Friend ant! Don’t you get tired from working? Rest a while with me as I sing something for you. – said the cicada to the ant.
– It would better  collect winter supplies and leave so much laziness – The ant answered him, while transporting the grain, very busy.
The cicada was singing, laughing and ignoring her friend.
Until one day, upon awakening, the cicada felt the intense cold of winter. The trees had lost their leaves and snowflakes were falling from the sky, while the cicada felt wandering, cold and hungry. In the distance, he saw the house of her neighbour, the ant, and came to him for help.
– ‘Friend ant, I have cold and feel hungry, Can you give me something to eat? You have plenty of food and a warm house while I have nothing.’
The ant opened the door of his house and told the cicada:
– ‘Tell me, friend cicada, what were you doing while I got up early to work? What were you doing while I was carrying wheat grains here and there?’
– ‘Sang and sang under the sun, ‘said the cicada.
– ‘Is that what you did? Well, if you sang in the summer, now dance in the winter’-
And he closed the door, leaving the cicada outside, who had learnt the lesson.

El Mehdi El Manzani & Ayoub Sakroune, 4º ESO-B




This is the story of a boy and a girl, the boy’s name was John and the girl was called Susan. They lived in a neighbourhood of very rich people. The house was famous because no one lived in it. It has been abandoned for years.It had an  old façade and no one dared to enter it because of what people said and spoke about it. Jonh and Susan were interested in entering the house. One night they wanted to go into the old house, but they were very scared!. As they were standing in front of the gate, it was opened suddenly. The children looked  at each other, terrified, and began to run . Next morning, therefore, the two children met and talked about what had happened the night before. Next night they returned again, they went inside and they saw it was an ordinary house, like all the other houses, but it was dirty because nobody lived there. Finally, the mith of the house was over forever.

Desirée Montoya & Juan Jesús Ruiz. 4ºESO-B



 Stark fighting with a dragon


In the age of Dragons, the world was a sad place, a land of violent dragons, but then, from the sky, they came, the gods with the bright soul, the God of the Death, who revived all the strongest soldiers to help in this war, the God of the Sunlight, who used the power of the Sun to destroy the dragons, and the God of the Animals, who used the strongest animals to help the soldiers.

With the Strenght of the Lords, they challenged the dragons. When the Gods and the soldiers kill a dragon, they have a more clean soul, and they can use the magic to use the power of fire and the power of ice. And just one man is killing more dragons than all the army, Stark, a lord with a sword and with all his power, and with his black wolf. Stark was the responsible for a mountain of death dragons, and on the top the boss of the dragons is crying now. He is furious and scared, he wants to fight, but he knows he will lose the battle, so he returned with the others dragons to escape of the world.

And this is how the Age of the Gods and the Lords began. Now the world is living a great time and there are no wars among humans, they are all a big family, a big family waiting for something, waiting for the return of the dragons.

Vicente Ruiz. 4ºESO-B


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