Sightseeing in Almería

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Almería is the capital city of the province of Almería and it is located on the south east coast of Spain. It is the city where we live, and we have chosen some interesting places and monuments for you to visit. Here they are:



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The City of Almeria was founded in the tenth century by Caliph Abd al-Rahman III as a watchtower of the prominent city at that time, Pechina. The city had a castle fortress or citadel and a wall surrounding the entire “medina” (town) and the suburbs. The Alcazaba is one of the most emblematic points of interest of Almeria, near the Cathedral.

It was in 955 when the first Caliph of Al-Andalus, Abd al-Rahman III, built the Alcazaba on the remains of an earlier fortress. His intention was to protect what was then the largest city in the area. The enclosure has three distinct parts: two of Arab origin and style and one built later by the Christians.


By: José Luis Rueda, Rafa del Río, Mario Salguero & Carlos Rodriguez


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The Cathedral of Almería is situated in the old town of Almeria, near the Alcazaba. Currently it has a large square with palm trees, surrounded by bars, where everyone can admire its beauty. It presents an architecture of transition between the Late Gothic and Renaissance, with a design as a fortress that served as a defense against pirate attacks.
We can locate it in the North, right where it has its main entrance. The construction of the Cathedral began in times of Fray Diego Fernandez of Villalan, bishop of Almeria, after the earthquake of 1522 which destroyed the earlier temple (built on the site of the Great Mosque, where actually the church of San Juan is located).


By: Esther & Patricia Cruz, Cristina Reche & Carmen Segura




The Town hall of Almeria is the institution that rules the town and the Andalusian municipality of Almeria, Spain. The council is presided by the Mayor of Almeria, who from 1979 is chosen democratically by universal suffrage. . The building is in the Plaza of the Constitution, commonly known as “Plaza Vieja” and it is Trinidad Cuartara Cassinello’s work. Nowadays it is is being rebuilt.
The Plaza of the Constitution is located in the historical centre of the town. In the middle of it, you can see a famous monument, the Monument of the Martyrs of Freedom, on the memory of the people fighting against absolutism in the 19th century.

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By: Rubén García, Antonio Carrillo, Álvaro Castaño, Víctor M. Fernández & José Burgos



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The Museum of Almería is one of the most important museums in the province of Almeria and contains the largest collection of archaeological remains in Almería.For example;Fragment of a male sculpture in white marble, the left foot of a man or pottery.
It was established in 1934 and its present location began in 2006.
The permanent exhibition is located on the first and second floors of the building and they focus mainly on the hunters’ and foragers society, the society of the “Millares”.
The museum is located in 91, Carretera de RondaStreet 04005,Almería.
This building was also finalist in 2005 in the Fostering Arts and Design (FAD) Awards and in 2008 it got an honorable mention by the European Museum of the Year Contest which took place in the European Museum Forum.


By: Jimena Cazorla, Patricia Del Águila, Claudia Asensio, & Carmen Cano





The tunnels of Almería were built to avoid bombings during the Civil War to protect the citizens of the city of Almeria from attacks during the Spanish Civil War, from 1936 to 1939 . If it hadn´t been for those large tunnels many people would have died . At the end of the war , the tunnels were disabled . But today we can visit those large tunnels and get an idea of what happened . As they survived to the bombs explotions, they are considered a very important monument for the town.


By: Pablo Ramos, Enrique Ojeda & Raúl Roda.




Los Millares is a Chalcolithic, Cooper Age, occupation site 17km north of Almería, in the municipality of Santa Fe de Mondújar, Andalusia, Spain. The complex was in use from the end of the fourth millennium to the end of the second millennium BC and probably supported around 1000 people. It was discovered in 1891 during the construction of a railway. It was first excavated by Luis Siret in the succeeding years. Further excavation continues today.


By: Juan Manuel Torregrosa, Álvaro Casquet & José Antonio Sánchez


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The name of the stadium of Almería is: “ESTADIO DE LOS JUEGOS MEDITERRÁNEOS”.
This stadium is very famous because it is the home of a of 1st division team: U.D. Almería.
This stadium was built in the year 2005.
Almería’s football players are: 1:Julián. 2:Michel Macedo. 3:Fran Vélez. 4:Ximo Navarro. 5:Trujillo. 6:Mauro. 7:Verza. 8:Wellington
Silva. 9:Thievy. 10:Hemed. 14:Casado. 15:Corona. 16:Dubarbier. 17:Edgar
These are some players of Almería… This stadium has more spaces to play
other games, such as basketball, running and some olympic games
The stadium has got a capacity for 15.200 people.


By: Diego Fernández, Santiago Benítez, Isaac Bahman & Raúl Sánchez




Welcome and enjoy MINI HOLLYWOOD !!

The Mini Hollywood is like a zoo with too many animals, such as jiraffes, tigers,
white tigers, parrots, meerkats, rinhos, bears, zebras, flamingos, snakes, and
cheetahs. Horses take part in a show with cowboys too. Mini Hollywood has got a theatre and a botanic garden. The park has got monkeys too and some restaurants.
Mini Hollywood is in the desert of Tabernas (Almeria). There are old houses, too. A lot of western films were made here in the 1970’s.


By: Lucía Carrillo, Esperanza Capel, Nerea Alcaraz & María de los Ríos


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